Introduction to MUN Crisis Committees

The Secret to Successfully Navigating the world of a Model UN Joint Cabinet Crisis


Traditional Model UN committees give a topic, which is discussed by the various delegations, written in draft resolution form, voted upon and passed into law. That is where a round of traditional Model UN ends. A crisis committee also has discussions and decisions. However, after a decision is made and action is taken, the situation shifts based on the decision made and the delegates need to adapt to the new reality and continue to deal with crisis after crisis. Directives, which are shorter more actionable clauses, are sent by individuals, or as a cabinet, to drive the crisis forward.
This is made more elaborate when a delegate is present in a simulation composed of multiple cabinets, instead of a single committee. Crisis can take place in the United Nations Security Council or a nation’s war cabinet. A MUN crisis can take place in the past, present or future. It can take place in our world or alternative ones, such as the world of Game of Thrones. Whether using paper directive, google forms of DEUS Crisis Platform, the crisis committee is at the ever evolving forefront of the Model United Nations experience. The following article will explain how crisis works and give some tips on how to master the world of crisis.